Here you will find what past Richard Hatch Cruiser 's thought about The Richard Hatch Cruise.

  1. This was my first cruise and I didnt know what to expect. I was a big fan of Richard Hatch from the original show and wasnt even sure if I would really get to see him upclose on this cruise. Well I was wrong not only did I get to talk with him one to one but I got to attend his workshops on board where I was able to spend even more time with him. I learned things about myself in his courses that I never knew , enjoy a great vacation explore uncharted worldly islands and hung out with unbelievalbe icons in the movie industry. I will definitly go next year and the year after. I have met so many new friends. Its just great to be apart of this. I will see you all there next year again.

    Cheers Bruce Marlow

  2. This is my second cruise as a Hatchling. The Richard Hatch Cruise is an ausome experience. We have so much fun I reccommend this adventure to be longer. Now by the time I get there and get settled in, the next thing I know Im back home already with the most incredible memories. There so much fun and excitement time goes by way too fast. You never ever get to do everything you want there just too much to do. I still havent seen the entire ship.The group is always the talk of the ship and between the seminars to the excursion to the nightlife, its an experience you cant imagine. Richard also has friends from all over join in on this in which they are a wild group and know how to have fun. One guy bought champain for the entire group, not glasses BOTTLES. Its just so much fun. I want to thank everybody for such a wonderful experience. Richard you are the best. Thanks for everything!

    Janice Bellows

  3. I really enjoyed the cruise. I attended both of Richard's workshops and they were really good. I feel that they really helped me with speaking in front of people. I usually start to stutter and speak monotone and never make eye contact. I was able to speak properly and to share a poem I wrote on Unicorns to everyone.

    A few days after the cruise I had to present an award to a student in front of the whole school. I didn't even think twice about it. I just got up and it didn't even worry me.

    Thank you Richard.

    Susan :-

  4. I am happy to reiterate my feelings about the workshops. They had us digging deep inside of ourselves and then, sharing what we found.Sometimes it was wrenching, but then, it was cathartic.I felt strongly enough about their importance to have suggested that they be mandatory for all cruisers. Here is where we really got to know one another on an empathetic level.


  5. If anyone is committing to next year's cruise my suggestion/recommendation would be to attend Richard's seminars. Richard creates a very safe, loving and non-judgmental environment for people to open up and share their life experiences. Despite being vulnerable it is a wonderful method of getting to know your cruise-mates in a very supportive and intimate way. Whether there are tears or moments of joy everyone is made to feel special. You'll find that whatever your life situation or experiences have been there is usually someone that can identify with your situation. It is a comfort to know we all share in these common denominators. It is an event that no one should miss. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming seminars!!!


  6. A short piece about the cruise by Ellen Skoller

    The cruise was one of the best gifts I could have given myself and Sara. We had such fun! The cruise itself had so many things to do and so much food to eat! Sometimes we had so many choices we couldn’t figure out what to do next! And the people we were with became instant family/best friends. I’ve never met such a group of caring and supportive individuals. I’d been told that Richard seems to draw such people together, and he himself had said, “You’re not going on a cruise, you’re adopting a family” but I didn’t know how true that remark was until I was on the cruise.
    I started to learn before the cruise even began, by meeting some people at the pre-cruise dinner. It was great getting to know everyone despite the limited time we all had. It was also great getting to know a little about Richard himself. Richard gave such love and support to many of us, and helped to create an atmosphere of fun. He always had time for the kids (there were 2 teens on the cruise), and gave hugs and encouragement where it was needed. I was lucky enough to witness a couple moments of inspiration and marveled to see the change in some people.
    The Q&A sessions were pretty lively and you could see what a caring individual he is with his response to everyone in the sessions. He seems to be a natural teacher and just fell into that roll with us during the Q&A, having us do a couple exercises to loosen up and get to know one another. He then challenged us each to dare ourselves to do something, anything that we chose, by the end of the cruise. I know he helped me with my dare, I’d bet he helped a lot of others as well.
    The seminars seemed to extend from the exercises we had started in the Q&A, except for a number of emotional moments when people opened up and shared their feelings and/or the reasons they had come on the cruise. Even the shyest member of our group stood up and addressed us and shared herself with us. And you wouldn’t have been able to guess who was the shy one from last year! If I hadn’t been told, I would have NEVER guessed! Richard’s seminars last year created an outgoing, bubbly, life-of-the-party personality from one formerly shy individual.
    Dinners were wonderful, from the formal nights when everyone looked SOOO good, to the more informal get-togethers on the Lido deck. We all seemed to hang out in the Aft portion of the ship on the Lido deck getting the occasional munchie or drink and meeting for late night snacks and lots of laughter. We swam, hot-tubbed, tanned, sang Karaoke, went on excursions and learned to live and love a little more. Thank you for a wonderful experience, Richard! I can’t wait for the next cruise!


    The cruise was a wonderful experience. The ‘cast and crew’ Richard has gathered around himself are made for fun and they were as much a part of the excitement and joy of the cruise as getting to spend time with Richard himself. I also learned a lot from Richard’s seminars and even today find myself using the tools he taught me and thinking of the things he said about life, love and and the universe in general though the cruise has ended. Save me a spot on the next cruise…, preferably right next to Richard ::wink, wink.

     Ellen Skoller

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